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Starting With the Essentials: Google, Bing, Yahoo

The ‘big three’ are free and account for 94.2 percent of search traffic. This March, 13.1 billion – or 65.5 percent – of the 19.4 billion explicit core searches in the U.S. took place on Google sites. Together, Microsoft (Bing) and Yahoo sites powered another 28.7 percent of searches, according to comScore.

However, many major brands focus on Google alone, forgetting about Yahoo and Bing. This is a huge missed opportunity to rank higher through better optimization for these free platforms.

Even worse, incorrect or outdated local business information served up to the 28.7 percent of people who search with Bing or Yahoo can result in poor customer experiences (unable to find a business location, inaccurate store hours resulting in a wasted visit, etc.).

We Focus on Data Aggregators: Accuracy, Optimization & Automation

Once you’re straight with the Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we focus on your the data aggregators. This is data collected about your company used in some directory listings, combining – Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual, among others.

Major search engines compare and validate listings information using data from aggregators, which are also used to power mobile maps, apps, and in-car GPS devices. 

Local Listings Management

Looking forward, we’ll see aggregate’s power the Internet of Things, as more devices demand local business content.

Aggregators are a solution that can deliver great value, enabling your brand to build hundreds of valuable, relevant backlinks to your local landing pages. They help you offer a better user experience, increase your local presence, and rank higher in local organic search results.

How Can You Get Right With Your Low-Cost Data Aggregators?

We make sure to include and verify as much of the following information as we can:

Business name • Address • Telephone • Landing Page URL • Neighborhood Information Cities, Areas Served • Brand Logo and Storefront Images • Business Description with services • Categories that match your services • Hours • Holiday Hours Taglines & Brands Carried (keywords) • Events • Social Networks URLs • Local Map URLs • Review Site URLs

We Manage all listings to reduces your time investment and will help you increase your rankings. This approach will also grow your local presence and ultimately achieve the lowest cost per visitor for your  business.

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